- Time change: Registration will being at 6 a.m., instead of midnight, to allow students time to register before 8 a.m. classes and not stay up late the night before

- Customer service: Enrollment Services and ITS staff will be available at 6 a.m. during priority registration days

- Quick communication: If any technical or other issues arise during registration, you will receive prompt notification via email

- Priority registration: Seniors and other students nearing graduation will have priority status to register for the courses needed to graduate on schedule

- WebAdvisor: We are aware of this platform's deficiencies and are currently exploring alternatives

- Student Success Tips: Our mascot, Regi the Ranger, has tips for you to get the most out of academic advising and your Academic Success Coach

For any registration concerns, contact Student Services at 303-458-4126 or

For technology issues, contact

Please check WebAdvisor for your personalized time to register and enroll as soon as you are able. 

Priority registration is based on the number of completed courses and does not include courses you are enrolled in currently. This impacts all students in the same manner.

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