Continuing your education without putting your life on hold.

Why do adult and online learners choose Regis over other colleges in Colorado? Because the world moves at a breakneck pace. Responsibilities, professions and entire industries change overnight. While some see this as a problem, you see it as an opportunity. A challenge to improve your career, your life, and the world around you. Regis sees adult learners like you not as someone simply seeking a degree, but as an agent of change striving for more in life, with the courage to make a difference in the world. 

Working adults rely on Regis for:

  • The convenience of accelerated and evening courses that let you earn a degree while working
  • Flexible programs held online and on campus in Denver
  • Faculty with real-world experience that know what you need to learn to succeed
  • Programs that are directly tied to your passions and ambitions

Everyone has a reason for going back to school. What’s driving you?

To Fulfill My Passions To Advance My Career Path To Earn a Bigger Paycheck